The option to our Cheese Fondues:
An amazing experience to enjoy Irish beef – made for sharing as well.

Beef Fondue Chinoise
Thin cuts of dry-aged Irish fillet steak (8oz) on skewers to be cooked in a shared pot of broth; served with sauteed potatoes and a selection of 3 dip sauces €29.50 p.p.
Aioli (Garlic) Sauce
BBQ Sauce
Cocktail Sauce

You can add any of the following dip sauces:
Horseradish Sauce €1.50each p.p
Mustard Sauce €1.50each p.p
Cranberry Sauce €1.50each p.p
Curry Sauce €1.50each p.p

Finish your Chinoise experience
with a cup of your own broth, flavored with Porto and black pepper €4.00 p.p.