Cheese platter
Three different cheeses of our Swiss selection (AOP Gruyère, Appenzeller and/or Toggenburger, Tête de Moine, Vacherin) served with baguette, walnuts and chutney. €9.50

Panna cotta
Our homemade vanilla panna cotta served with a strawberry coulis €6.50

Raspberry sorbet
Murphy‘s raspberry sorbet served with a drop of raspberry schnapps. €5.90

Café Liégois
Murphy‘s vanilla icecream with original Swiss chocolate sauce and grated dark Swiss chocolate served in an espresso, topped with whipped cream €6.80/ with «Kirsch» (cherry schnapps) €8.20

Hot berries
Hot berries with vanilla icecream and whipped cream €6.50 with crème de cassis €7.50

Irish coffee
Our house blend coffee, Irish whiskey, topped with whipped cream €7.70

Swiss Chocolate dream
Vanilla and chocolate icecream served with a side of warm Swiss chocolate sauce, topped with chocolate liqueur, whipped cream and grated dark Swiss chocolate €8.20

Swiss Chocolate Fondue
(min 2 people)
Our original Swiss chocolate fondue, served with a selection of fresh and dried fruits and nuts €8.50 p.p., €8.90 p.p. with liquor